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I'm amused to see the name Monroe show up in two of my TV shows--Revolution and Grimm. The name Monroe has been like a trail of crumbs sprinkled through my family line for me to follow. It's not a surname, but it was my father's middle name, and his father's. Then the path forks in two directions--to a cousin with it as his middle name, and to an uncle with it as his middle name. When I follow the male line of the cousin, I find three James Monroe [surname] in a row and eventually I hit the first James Monroe [surname]. (He had brothers named Thomas Jefferson [surname] and Andrew Jackson [surname]) He was born during James Monroe's presidency. Along the path of all these men with Monroe for a middle name, I find a man who went by "Roe" and a man who went by "Roy." It was never a family name but it has persisted down to my dad's generation from the time of President Monroe.

And now it seems a fashionable name on TV. *g*


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