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([personal profile] istia Aug. 21st, 2017 10:25 am)
We're at the height of the partial eclipse here in Victoria right now. The light's been fading for about 70 minutes & now it's like a murky day in December.

I'm not going outside to look at it because I didn't actually realise it was happening here at all until yesterday so I don't have any eye protection. But it's fun watching the bright August day dim down & down to this dulled, kind of eerie light.

Now it'll start brightening again. Unless this isn't an eclipse at all, but the start of the apocalypse....

23andme is enrolling for a new study on depression and bipolar disorder.

You are 18-50 years old and live in the United States.
You have access to a desktop or laptop computer; smartphones and tablets will not work with this study.
You have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder.
You have been prescribed medication to treat major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder.
You are willing to provide a saliva sample for DNA testing.
You are willing to complete online study sessions over the course of nine months. Each study session takes between 10-30 minutes and may include surveys and a series of cognitive tests online.

If you have been diagnosed with major depression, or bipolar disorder I, or bipolar disorder II by a medical professional and you meet the other criteria listed above, you may be eligible to participate in this study.

What you get:
If you are new to 23andMe, when you participate in this study, not only will you contribute to this first-of-its-kind research and help us take a step toward learning more about the genetics of depression and bipolar, but you will also experience 23andMe for yourself and receive over 70 personalized genetic reports online about your health, ancestry and traits.
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([personal profile] lost_spook Aug. 20th, 2017 08:48 pm)
Excuse me being spammy today but [community profile] remixrevival has opened up its Madness round early, and it's even more free-for-all than the original version! Go here to throw your hat into the ring.

You can write remixes for it without signing up and you can sign up (offer your fic to be remixed) without writing anything. You can include previous remixes, collaborations, and WIPs and there are art options too, as many safe works as you want, and no eligibility besides "you have one fic in this fandom." So, go on over and offer your fic/art up for people to remix! Or have fun and remix something yourself.

Now I should go off and see about typing up my actual assignment before I go look, because, yay, Remix Madness! \o/

(I do enjoy Remix, sorry; you can probably tell. I suppose it's kind of like the ultimate fic-conversation you can have with someone, in some ways, and it's always pretty fun and fascinating. And you're not writing a gift for someone, so it's different than most exchanges.)
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([personal profile] lost_spook Aug. 20th, 2017 02:04 pm)
I finished this recently (alas!) and I enjoyed it all. There were some duff episodes and things, but overall it was pretty great and a fun, cheering thing to be watching, and as it's an ITC thing, it should be reasonably accessible, or at least more so than most of my ancient British things.

I'll make a proper post about it, but I went YouTube hunting and came back with these, which I think give a pretty good idea about what it's like:

Cut for embedded vids )

So, that was an enjoyable show for the summer! I will do a proper intro post sometime.
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([personal profile] lost_spook Aug. 20th, 2017 10:02 am)
(I found this lurking unposted on my Dreamwidth. I wrote it on April 1st; I don't know why I didn't post it. I suppose a Talking Meme would be no fun if it didn't take me all year to get through it!)

For the Talking Meme, from [ profile] dimity_blue: What are your favourite Dumas film adaptations?

I thought this was pretty funny for a minute, as I have only ever actually watched one Dumas film adaptation, and then I eventually remembered that I have in fact seen the 2011 Three Musketeers as well. I suppose I could also count the endless 1980s cartoon version, Dogtanian and the Muskehounds, but it's obvious that there's no competition here. Also I've never seen a Dumas film that isn't The Three Musketeers, so it's really not as if I'm an expert.

Anyway, my favouite out of this *cough* wide line-up is clearly the 1970s Richard Lester films. When I saw them first, I'd just read the unabridged English translation instead of the cartoon and the abridged Puffin version and decided it was one of my favourite things ever after all and that I would never watch an adaptation because no adaptation would get the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the book, and then my Dad made me watch this and while it alters some things, it does indeed get the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the book exactly right, and the cast are hard to beat: Michael Yorke, Richard Chamberlain, Faye Dunaway, Oliver Reed, Racquel Welch, Roy Kinnear, Spike Milligan, Christopher Lee and Charlton Heston.

Cut for graphic )

I have some quibbles about some things, maybe, and obviously it would have been nice if the director had actually paid the actors for two films instead of one, but it still wins easily out of all the three and a bit Three Musketeers adaptations I have seen.
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([personal profile] thaccian Aug. 18th, 2017 10:58 am)
I'm looking for: "Medical Considerations: Message in a Bottle", by OZKaren.

I have all the other stories in this short series, and would have sworn on a stack of zines that I'd also copied this to my SG fan fic folder, but it is nowhere to be found. I can't every turn up a reference to it on an internet search, which seems very odd. All the other titles in the series turn up in fic references, and all, except this one have been ported to AO3 by a fic archivist.

Maybe I am mistaken about the author (though I don't believe so), but I know the story I am looking for was a "Message in a Bottle" episode followup from Janet's POV, which is the framing device for all the other Medical Considerations stories.

One sad thing about fanfic on the internet tubes is how dangerously ephemeral it is. Each of the SG fic archives that were most likely to have held the MedCon series have disappeared in a flash of digital annihilation or domain neglect.

I really like this story, would love to read it again, and cannot fathom why I didn't save it when I first read it years ago. If anyone out there knows this fic, has a copy, or has a link to a working archive that has a copy could you please, please, pretty please let me know where & how to find it again?
What I'm Reading:

Spider Robinson's Mindkiller. One of the reasons I like Robinson's work is that despite some flaws, at it's core, his work skews toward humanism and empathy. Mindkiller originated as the short story "God is an Iron". This is a re-read for me, the first since I originally purchased the book in 1982. Here's hoping it goes well.

What I've Read:

Deadly Virtues (Gabriel Ash and Hazel Best #1)by Jo Bannister. I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. First book in a long while that I finished in one day. I am looking forward to reading more in this mystery series feature Hazel Best, a newish cop and Gabriel Ash. I was uncomfortable with the instant dismissal of Gabriel as a reliable source because he is recovering from a deeply traumatic loss, and receiving counselling as a result. This is written so that the reader relates more with Gabriel and views the prejudice against someone with mental health issues as unfair even as Gabriel seems to accept it as reasonable. The writing is excellent, the mystery pretty straight-forward and the characters engaging. I am very intested in following this series. Recommended.

A Game for All the Family by Sophie Hannah. An odd story, I'm honestly not sure I liked it, but I didn't not like it. I ran hot and cold on it, the entire time I was reading it. One of the weirdest reactions I've had to a book. I ended up giving the book two stars because I was less than enthused on the ending.

The Ashes of Eden and The Return by William Shatner. Capable writing, imaginative plot and true to form for the characters.

Telempath by Spider Robinson. First book by the author. The first third of the novel was originally published as "By Any Other Name", which won the Hugo Award for Best Novella in 1977 tied with James Tiptree's "Houston, Houson Do You Read?". It's dated and to be honest it was when it was first released. It has Spider's stamp all over it, his unique voice and style,and I am very fond of this book for just that reason.

The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower #1) by Stephen King. Classic fantasy. I'd forgotten about Michael Whalen's great artwork.

Rose Madder by Stephen King Rosie McClendon is one of King's rare strong women who is not mentally ill or flat out evil. She is any woman. She suffers, she endures and she adapts and changes. It starts off with an abused woman who finally after fourteen years leaves her abusive cop husband. It's as mainstream a novel as it can be until King introduces a painting - and then things get much more Stephen King-like. I liked it a lot.

The Postman by David Brin. Post apocalyse book set about 15 years after The End. The struggle to survive sets the population of the late great US back to times when life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". In short, everything is really shitty and awful until our hero Gordon comes up with a crazy personal survival plan when he finds a dead postee with his mail truck. Things escalate, and suddenly Norman is trying to save the Willamette Valley from the successors of the survivalist movement.

Captain American vol 2 by Ed Brubaker. Okay, all my knowlege of Capt America is based on Chris Evan's movie version. So this was an experiment and it was really different from what I expected. Pretty though.

What's Next?

I have River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey that I plan on reading next. Probably.
More 'Miss Fisher' Coming in 2018, As Movie Trilogy Gears Up For Filming

Here's to hoping that this is for real! Also that Dot and Mac are in it! Miss Fisher isn't the same without Dot and Mac (or Bert and Cec and Mr. Butler and Jane, but Dot and Mac are my favorites).
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([personal profile] istia Aug. 15th, 2017 05:17 pm)
The Automated Hatstand is no more. I've deleted the MySQL database in which the efiction software operated. Tomorrow, the domain name will expire.

I'm relieved I was able to take it down deliberately, w/ warning ahead to the members & users, rather than its simply degrading technologically & disintegrating. *g* That would've happened at some point & I wouldn't have been able to fix it because no tech skills, me. I only barely managed, after a lot of reading & trying stuff out, to get it up & running in the 1st place (to my astonishment then & now!).

Like [personal profile] celli, who will be very understanding when she gets into work this morning and sees that saying "ground beef" and "spaghetti" in combination to me has prompted a 400+ word essay touching on the basics of on my personal theory of what goes into a good red sauce (the various types of meats or lack thereof), how and why why I learned to cook the way I do based on my mother and maternal grandmother's food and personal histories and theories of economizing, food history back into the Roman Empire, and food science. Which I don't go into depth on, because it's early and also it's work email, but still.

Also she has prompted my meal planning for a bastardized primavera sauce for later this week, which is an entirely different type of pasta sauce. Though it does have mushrooms in it, and parmesan, which will contribute nicely to the umami. (I really can't stop myself.)

(Also it might be time to try another run at that delicious fresh fava bean and parmesan salad, even though fresh fava beans are a gigantic pain to peel. But it was SO GOOD. I just need to remember to get a loaf of good sourdough or French bread to toast first to soak up the sauce.)

Also she will forgive me for not ending a nested parenthetical properly.

Though she will laugh at me. Probably a lot. (I will deserve it.)

But the nice thing about pasta sauce is that I can cook it gluten-free and she can still come over and eat it ANY TIME. We can have a GF pot and a gluten pot of pasta. Which she knows. This is the joy of pasta. The pots wash and the gluten comes off. It's not like flour, which gets in the nooks and crannies of the KitchenAid and stays EVERYWHERE.

Though I do have a nifty recipe for GF peanut butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen if we ever want to get together and bake something. I could use a hand mixer or a wooden spoon instead of the KitchenAid. Also you do the GF stuff first, before you get the flour in the air, so that you don't cross-contaminate.
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([personal profile] juniperphoenix Aug. 14th, 2017 10:01 am)
This Long Distance Touch Lamp looks like a Stargate fic waiting to happen.
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([personal profile] istia Aug. 12th, 2017 05:11 pm)
I thought the OTW had a graphic about voting somewhere, but I can't find any sign of one except for a now nonexistent graphic from the 2011 election. It would be nice to have a post-voting OTW-specific image to proclaim:


3 Board members to be chosen from a pool of 6 candidates. See the 2017 Election page for info on all the candidates & their positions.

Voting ends on Monday, just under 2 days from right now according to a countdown clock on the page linked above. Please vote if you're an eligible member of the OTW!

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([personal profile] thaccian Aug. 12th, 2017 12:05 pm)
Had a dream last night that I lashed my crutches to the milk crate on the back of my bike, swung my broken, booted foot over the the bar and took off for a long ride.
Woke up with such cheery certainty about making it happen that I slipped on my bike shorts and crutched to the closet to grab my helmet.

But then I realized that, unfortunately, my dream did not include exactly how I got the bike up the basement steps and out the back door in my one-footed, crutch-reliant state.
Rats...l hate it when a foolhardy, impractical dream idea (seriously, strapping crutches to my bike?) is suddenly crushed by practical, light-of-day reality.

Hmmmmm, maybe I can rig up a winch to haul my bike out of the basement. What could possibly go wrong there?

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([personal profile] thaccian Aug. 12th, 2017 12:02 pm)

When I broke my foot I was in the process of completely redecorating my bedroom. The furniture was all moved out, the wood floor cleaned in preparation for a new room sized oriental rug, crown moulding, base boards, window frames, doors, and radiator repainted, trim all blue-taped, and walls primed for the new color.

Then...a smashed foot brought everything to a halt. I've been camping out in the dining room for weeks while the bedroom remained forlorn and half done.

Then, yesterday, my very nice landlord sent in a couple of guys to complete the painting and to lay in some much needed new shoe moulding, and today my fabulous downstairs neighbors, Paul and John, came up cleared out drop cloths, ladder, painting equipment, used paint cans, and laid out the new rug, moved all the furniture back in and put the curtains back up.

Now thanks to Grub Hub I've had dinner delivered from one of my favorite local restaurants, my foot is elevated and resting, a glass of the most crisp and delicious Rose is in my hand, and the delightful "Man from U.N.C.L.E." movie (2015) is spooling out from my DVD player.

For 60 years the universe has been trying to teach me patience. Breaking my foot running to catch a bus, and waiting for weeks to complete this stupid room painting etc. are simply the latest tests of my ability to be patient. I failed the "wait for the next bus" test, did better on "wait for the room to be finished" test, but I strongly suspect this is a lesson I'm doomed to have to relearn again.

I am impatient about having to be patient 🙂

The world works on its own timetable and we just have to hang on and make the most of the ride.

Fortunately great neighbors, good wine, and tasty food make the ride a little more tolerable than it might otherwise be. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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([personal profile] thaccian Aug. 12th, 2017 11:58 am)


Today is the first day since my foot-smashing adventure on July 10 that I've been allowed to get up from my leg elevated house arrest, and venture back out into the world.

What a relief. My local coffee shop has never looked so inviting, I've never been happier about having Lyft as a transportation option, and the hot, humid outside has never felt more delightful.

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([personal profile] thaccian Aug. 12th, 2017 11:55 am)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrg! Forced inactivity is driving me nuts. Saw the orthopedist yesterday. 3 metatarsal bones broken, one of them in 2 or 3 pieces. I'm not supposed to put any weight on the foot until the weekend (when I will be able to put light weight on the boot heel while I'm on my crutches). I'm supposed to just sit with the foot elevated and still as much as possible.

Even with books, movies, iPad, phone, journal, and article draft I am sooooooooo bored, and so frustrated with having to be still.

At least, thanks to my neighbors installing my air conditioner yesterday, I am still and cool rather than still and sweaty. And I am getting lots of attention from the kitties. And I'm getting a good arm and pecs workout when I do get up and crutch around.

Despite that I am really looking forward to putting this boredom aside and getting back to work next week