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I spent some birthday money getting my mother tested at AncestryDNA. My own ethnic percentages had almost no surprises, so it was kind of, I dunno, boring. Turns out, if a parent gets tested, there are tools that can separate out your own matches so you know which side of your own tree a match is on (it's called "phase matching"). Cool! Also, any new ethnicities that show up in her, I can claim, too, even though they weren't detected in me. Sure enough, she has some "trace" ethnicites that are much more exotic than mine. :-) Plus, she's a whopping 6% Finnish, which is a juicy mystery for me.

I petered out on doing the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. Partly I was dislodged by the shock of learning, through YDNA testing, that my Coffman line never came from German-speaking Kauffmans, as I posted about here. Instead, it was originally Irish Coughlins. My relative's YDNA is a perfect match for a man named Coughlin, and all the men who are a nearly perfect match have Irish surnames. I have still not identified the ancestor(s) who immigrated, but there was a name change involved, and probably a religion change, too. Coughlin is a Catholic name and I see no evidence that any of my Coffmans were Catholic.

Anyway, I've gotten very involved in genetic genealogy, and I volunteered to moderate what FamilyTreeDNA calls a surname project. I am now officially in charge of the Bixby surname project.

And I now make Finnish yoghurt called viili on my kitchen counter every night. :-) What are you finding out?
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