Hello, all! This is my first post to the community.

I'm excited to be getting back into genealogical research after many years of inactivity. As a first step I'm thinking about how best to organize my data, and I would love to hear any advice about working with the same information across multiple platforms.

Say you have a family tree program on your computer (I use Reunion) and are duplicating some of the same content on one or more cloud-based sites such as Ancestry. What strategies do you use to manage changes across the different trees? For example, when you find new information, do you update all of your trees at once, or do you accumulate new information on one tree and only occasionally update the others? Do you have one "master" tree that you treat as more authoritative than the others, or otherwise use different trees for different purposes?
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I keep a "master tree" at Ancestry and let it auto-sync with FTM. Occasionally, I pull the GEDCOM to go update other tree sites, but mine has grown so large that it's a pain. And I just don't really like the tree-building aspects of most other sites, so I'm not inclined to work on them elsewhere. Most of my genealogically-active cousins are on Ancestry, so it's not been a problem for me.
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i keep a master tree in ftm, and periodically i update to my own site and to ancestry.


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