I've had Legacy for ages. It was free. It was also clunky and akward and in no way intuitive. Of course, it didn't advertise itself to not be those things. It was just what I was looking for as a user. In addition to webinars to "unlock" the dynamic power of fully understanding the secrets of Legacy, there is a sort of Legacy for Dummies manual. If something requires a dummies explanatory guide, I may not have the time or patience to deal with that thing. Last year when they had a sale, I forked over the money, but I never did manage to work up the steam to download the upgraded version of Legacy.

Yesterday I downloaded the free version of Roots Magic 7. I am so much happier with it straight out of the box, so to speak. Of course there are features on the free version that are not accessible, but that is to be expected. The company is still working on getting RM7 to sync with Ancestry which is a huge selling point for me. There is a to-go feature which allows you to copy RM7 to a USB drive and take it with you to run on other computers. There are brief tutorials on youtube which explains how to use particular features. Those I have looked at have been very satisfactory.

Overall my limited experience with both products leads me to think that Roots Magic is a better product for a user like myself. That being someone with little time to spend delving into the mysteries of a program. Mostly, I wanted a software program on my computer that I could use as a backup in case anything ever happens. It's my own little security blanket. I think RM7 and I are going to get along just fine.


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