Back in February, I was notified I had a new match in the first to second cousin range. This is rare. I personally know my first and first once removed cousins, and I know of my second cousins so I was excited. I sent a message off right away. *crickets*

So I (im)patiently wait. And wait. Yesterday I fired off a less enthused message and crossed my fingers. Here is the exchange that took place last night:

Me: Hi my name is L. I sent an email a while back which may have been a little too enthused. I was just so happy to see someone appear on my list of matches that was so closely related. If you would like to discuss this further I would love to hear from you.

SW: Hi my great grandfather is F H.

Me: My grandfather was F H from Ontario. He was married to L L from Muskoka District Ontario. Their children were E, F, C and O. Is this the same family?

SW:Yes. Is your dad C?

Me: Yes. (and now I know roughly who this is) Are you one of D's kid?

SW: Yes. I'm his son.

Me: Is this Wes?

Wes is my brother's grandson. I don't know him personally. Due to family weirdness and a divorce, I've only met my brother a handful of times, and never met his children (all adults) or their kids. But this was just another incident of "small world" that I thought was worth sharing. It could only have happened because of Ancestry.


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